Room 1 - Barclass - Term 4 - Week 6

This week we have experimented with a Barclass in Room 1. This idea came from the concept of a barcamp, or an unconference.

We had two rules.

1. You lead the learning
2. You engage in the learning

Students had to design lessons based on a subject that they enjoyed or were confident in. The sessions were to last between 15-20 minutes.
Students had to design the purpose, scope and structure of the lesson. We organised ourselves on Monday and then began our sessions on Tuesday morning.

Checkout our videos, images and reflections about the barclass experiences.



-It was really fun and you feel really proud of your self for teaching people something that they didn't know.
-I found it hand when people started to do their own thing sometimes and go off task.
-Next time I would probably ask for less amount of people so its easier.
-I learnt that teaching is harder than you would think.

I found it quite enjoyable teaching people how to use Stardoll because I found it fun teaching people how to use something I know and love a lot. A good thing was that I didn't find anything different and I don't know what I can do better next time. I learnt that an online game probably wasn't the best thing to teach.

I enjoyed teaching my lesson because mostly everyone was being sensible. It was challenging to get people to log off when they're told to. Next time I would set a theme that they have to make a website about. I learnt that I have to be a bit bossy sometimes.

I learn't that teaching is one the hardest jobs ever because it is hard to keep your students concentrated.I also learnt hiphop, netball and how to use scratch.

Teaching them how to bat then seeing them hit the ball really far.
Getting everyone to listen and also we didn't have lots of equipment so there were quite a few people annoying us every few seconds.
Get a bit more equipment and be more organized.
That some people are naturally good at using a glove and using a bat.


I learnt lots of different things like water polo, softball, cartooning,
interpreting dance,rugby skills and hip-hop.
I really enjoyed teaching it was really fun.
- I enjoyed teaching people how to use Stardoll
- I had fun learning lots of new things like How to Bowl a Cricket ball, Digital Design, Yobarobics (A combination of Yoga and Aerobics), How to use Scratch and some new shooting techniques in Netball.
- It was really fun teaching other people what you are proud of
It was really fun learning how to kick a ball.
The instructors were always walking around helping.
everyone had very creative things to teach and it was good to see that lots of people put a lot of effort into there learning.
Most people listened which helped a lot.
It wasn't hard to teach them.


It was hard to get people focussed on your subject and interact.Some of the activates got a bit boring after a while.
People were mucking around and going off task and were being disrespectful towards the instructors.
Sometimes you had to stand round waiting to be told what to do next.
It was hard to get people to do what they're meant to do.
The instructors got quite impatient.
The instructors got cross when you were confused so you didn't really know what to do
Some people went to their friends lessons or something they all ready knew.
The way it was managed with the people doing it in two sessions rather than one.
Some people weren't listening, so then I had to wait and it slowed it all up.
We didn't have enough time for a game at the end.


I learnt thats it harder than you think to teach.More boys came to netball than girls.
I taught something that most people haven't done before.
I found passing hard but kicking easy.
No one really listened to the instructors.
The whole bar class idea I thought was pretty cool.
People that haven't played before were quite good at using a glove and batting with the right technique.

Do you think the barclass experience would work in a regular classroom? Why or Why Not?

No, because lots of people did things that will probably not help you later in in life. For example I did the Rubik cube and that doesn't really help with much.
I think it could work in everyday school learning because all you have to do is find something to teach and teach it.
I think Yes and No. I think No because we will do it too often and people will get bored of doing it too often. I think yes because it will be fun & then we get to learn a lot of new things each week.
Yes, because I think Bar Classes are a great way to learn new things and learn about other's skills.
Maybe once every two weeks than yes.
No, because it would take up lots of time and you wouldn't learn stuff that would help you during college.